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    Creating .mxp files for dreamweaver

    Evening Everyone,

    I know Dreamweaver uses an extension manager, allowing you to import extension that it will recognise.

    I recently read over a small tutorial on how to add .tpl file extensions to Dreamweaver MX. I followed it, and it worked. However, I uninstalled Studio MX 2003, and installed Studio MX 2004. Now, when I follow the tutorial I get an error saying it will not load the .tpl file extension because it has a prior association. I have a feeling that restarting and trying again will work, but I still would like to know how to create the .mxp file so that I can simply import future extensions that are html, php, asp etc. related. Can anyone help?

    Paul B. Riddick

    //EDIT : Restarting didn't work, any ideas?
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