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    Whats the java command to make a page open in a small window?

    Hello, I would like a page to open up in a window without the browser functions, you know basically a little window that opens up, like the smiley window used here on this topic post page. Could you tell me the code to make this possible? Thanks

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    This should do it:

    <a href='"", "test-name", 
          Click here!
    Note: There should be no space in 'javascript', but the forum seems to insist on putting it there .
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    It doesn work Nothing happens and I get an error on the page

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    Try JavaScript Source !

    You can find a good one under generators. It's called POPUP Window Maker. About half way down the page.

    They also have a lot of good scripts available.

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    Thanks, I went to that site but isnt that referring to making pop ups like advertisements? Basically what I want to do, is instead of having a page open in another window, I want it to open up without having the browser options in the border, just open up to a page without borders

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