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    Thumbs up EV1 Reboot Times

    I posted about a month ago about very slow ev1 reboots.

    I was sent a very nice email from a manager at EV1 stating they were working on hiring more techs for reboots, etc.

    Out of fairness to EV1 I wanted to post a update.

    This just happened today. Trouble Ticket - CustomerID: 0***** - Date: 3/1/04 4:14:45 PM

    Reboot Completed for - CustomerID: 0***** - Date: 3/1/04 4:19:51 PM

    Yep a FIVE minute reboot.

    Thanks EV1
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    Good To Hear It.
    Wouldnt Putting Every Server on an APC Reboot Port be cheaper than taking on extra staff to reboot machines, aswell as being a good selling point.

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    their new data center will have serverrs taht will be on apc reboot ports.

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    Originally posted by rabb1d
    their new data center will have serverrs taht will be on apc reboot ports.
    Actually, I believe since the new DC will be an all-Dell facility, they will be using DRAC cards in the machines (Dell's Remote Access Controller) -- according to posts from HS @ EV1 forums.

    Im not 100% sure if this is all the dells, or just the high end ones...
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    yep, reboots at ev1 are done very quickly! I really like their service, and that's why i'm getting 4 new servers this week!
    yeah.. i'm useless!

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