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    Make money in game servers.

    Hello all,

    I own a small game hosting company and am looking to get a few new customers. This is where you come in.

    Heres the deal......

    Im looking for you to get me in contact with a potential renter. Once this is done your end of the deal is over. If they decide to rent from me you will be given a one time "finders" fee.

    Your commission for sending me new clients is equal to one half of a months rental and will be given once they have paid for month number two.

    So it works like this.........

    You find "Bob" and he is looking to rent a server. You then have "Bob" get into contact with me.
    "Bob" rents a server from me that comes to $200 a month. Once he has paid for two months of server rental, you will be sent via paypal $100 (half of a months rental). You wont get paid untill the client has rented for the second month, but its the only way I can think of to keep people from refering themselves staying for a month and only paying for half of the rental.

    Why Im doing this..........

    Mostly Im not great at self promotion. And it seems to me there are alot of people in this forum that get asked fairly offen about who or where they can get game servers from. This is a chance for you and I to both make a little money instead of just going to google and randomly picking someone.

    Some info about me........

    Im gamer and love online games. I ran a clan awhile back and we where in need of a server. After going around and around trying to find a great server and a decent price I decided to just build my own. From there it turned into what it is now. Im still very small and host about 18 servers.

    The servers.........

    All servers are Dual CPU machines with the smallest being a Dual 2000 MP setup with 1 Gig of ram and SCSI drives. I take pride in the servers and refuse to oversell. My machines are currently limited to about 70 player slots (depending on the machine). Any performance issues are dealt with swiftly and whatever needs to happen to fix the problem will be done. Lag and crappy performace is not an option.

    The servers are hosted in downtown LA, and are on XO bandwidth with C&W as backup. I only have one location and have had people encourage me to host servers in other areas. However at this point its not going to happen.


    In general Im more expensive than others. However I feel you get what you pay for. Great support, great uptime, and in general alot of help. If you call me, you are not going to get "read the manual" You are going to get "would you like me to do that for you".

    20 Player public CS 1.6 server $100 a month

    32 Player Public Battlefield 1942 (and Mods) $208 a month.

    I can host just about any type of server, please ask.

    Discounts are given for more than one server or for a Public and a scrim server.

    I also have some entire dual xeons that can be rented, please contact me for prices.

    Spaces are very limited.

    IP's to try out.
    EOD (battleField 1942 Eve of destruction mod)
    Active9 (BattleField 1942, what mod its running
    changes alot)
    {OleFarts} Carnival of Carnage [FF] (CS 1.6) [FxC] FUBARxCLAN (CS 1.6)

    Contact Info........

    My website is Its not exactly alot to look at. However Im very hands on with clients and stuff like automated sign-up is not needed or wanted.

    Email - [email protected]
    AIM- WickedGamercom
    ICQ- 237300805

    Thanks for your time.


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    love your page design, if you did those graphics or have the contact of those that did pls drop me a pm

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    The site is mostly a template. The Graphic work was done by Redeemer. This is his site

    Hope that helps.

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