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Thread: Newbie here

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    Newbie here

    Hi Im new to registering domains. I been using a free redirect and its time for me to get my own domain but all the good ones are taken! I think I will buy one from here if the price is right. My question is how safe is it to buy a domain that is already owned? Are there any fraud risks involved?

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    Of course there are risks depending on your seller.
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    there is some good services to use like and others for selling domains and so including some trust parties.

    also services like / are trustable but seller pays a % i believe
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    Personally opinion, I would recommend or
    (Although sedo fees are rather high)

    As for AfterNIC or GreatDomains. They are well-established company But had heard lots of bad remarks about them.
    Holding on to the money even though the domains are transfered to the buyer... etc.

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    I would browse around the different domain forums, post a wanted ad and check those who respond. All of the good name forums crack down tightly on fraudlent sellers so if they're still around and they have a resonable number of posts/sells you should be fine. You should be able to get a name much cheaper this way.

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    Re: Newbie here

    all the good ones are taken!
    That may seem true but if you take some time and brain storm you can always find a decent name. It took me three months to come up with a name that I liked that a) had the .com/.net b) had no TM issues and c) fit my business.

    My question is how safe is it to buy a domain that is already owned?
    Domain names get bought, sold, and traded more than you think. I bought a domain once and withing two weeks I saw it trade hands three times.

    Are there any fraud risks involved?
    I recomend that you get yourself an eNom account and buy a cheap domain ($2 or so) just that you can see how easy a purchase/push can be. Yes, the pucker factor gets higher the more money you spend.

    Good Luck and Welcome to the game!

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