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    Great domain name for starters. Too be honest it doesn't make much from travelnow, maybe $20/m. I'm sure someone could turn that around though. Also makes $15/m from fastclick and close to $200/m from google adsense.

    The site is PR6 and indexed under most search engines with pretty good placement. Stats are here:

    With a little more SEO and time the site could be extremely successful, I just don't have the time with grad school.

    I am looking for bids around $1500 as that is the 6 month return. PM me with any questions.

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    Regarding the PR6, all of the backlinks are from your website. I can also see that all links to this website have been removed from that site, meaning the PR will go down to 0.

    Also, since the site will have 0 links leading to it it will most likely loose most of it's search engine ranking and traffic.

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    Having checked the site I think you should drop your price to $100-$200.

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    You can't be serious, I make that in a month with the site

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