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    If you have a UKReg account please read . . .

    It appears that they have been hit by a virus so if you have an account it'd be a good idea to change your password sharpish.

    I received a virus infected mail from them this evening, the e-mail came through with :

    As the from address where password was my *actual* ukreg password ! (changed now)

    It was also sent to me at the address I have registered for UKReg - looks like this virus is on their network and trawling through their customer database and sending out mails.

    The IP address of the sending server was which is so there's not much doubt it's from within their network.

    I phoned them and told them but got the usual tech drone so I'm not sure they actually took any notice

    Just be warned if you have an account there your password may be compromised.
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    Hmmm, I think I have a domain or two there, so cheers for the heads up! I'm actually going to transfer them all out at the end of their reg period, UKReg is pants!

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    I have a few hundred domains there, no complaints here... their support system is a little shoddy though!

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    Thanks for the heads up, didnt get that email myself but better to change our password I guess.

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