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    Have Domain, need hosting..!

    I am trying to find a nice domain for a business called MB Electric. I don't want something expensive, and I don't want something cheap. Please, if you are a deticated host, contact me. The type of hosting I am looking for is as follows:
    FTP Access,
    Unlimited Scripts,
    atleast 1 gig of space,
    10 gig file transfer,
    unlimted e-mails.

    Please help us out, our domain is and we need a host soon, well get back to me, thanks for your time.

    DJ <designer>

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    With all due respect, Valtiel, if you won't take the time to search for a host, you deserve whomever you end up with. Try the request form at the top or the Hosting Offers forum on the main page.
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    You could also try the advanced search at

    Good luck! And look for what people say about each host you put on your shortlist.

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    Many good hosts out there - whats your budget for the specs you listed?

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    if you go on and just type in webhosting, you'll find like 10 million results.

    anyway.. you might find interesting
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    I agree with TRN Douglas's recommendation.

    Start with a search. Try to at least a number of the hosts that have reasonsably good reptuations here AND meet your general budget and criteria.

    Once you have reduced your list to say 3 or 4, contact each in turn with presales questions to gauge their response.

    When you have seen how they've responded - choose the best for you.

    Good luck.

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    lol, too bad he hasnt hit his 5 posts yet, otherwise hed be flooded with spammy offers
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    And when you finally select few hosts dont forget to search about them here before you pay anyone.. WHT search will tell you more than enough about most of the webhost... Also do some research before you buy...
    There are some horror webhosting stories.. And the latest one is at
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    I would have to agree with practically all of the above.

    Trust me, you don't want to come to WHT, and just ask every host to contact you lol

    The thing is, hosting is one of the most important aspects of your online presence, and the quality of the host you choose, is the backbone of that importance.

    There is a wide range of hosts to be found here at WHT, from the shoddy dime-store hosts, to the efficient powerhouses, and everything in between, the entire length of the line.

    The one thing to remember on WHT though, is you may find yourself in a mess, with some very "shoddy" hosts, taking advantage of the fact that you have done no research. The procedure usually is, take advantage, take your money, then take off.

    Be careful, and good luck in your search.
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