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    Question PHPCoin or WhoisCart

    Which of these two would you recommend for some one starting out with just a few clients? (Ease of use is important) I see that with Whois I would be able to incorporate my eNom account, but I'm not sure about PHPCoin.

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    well with whoiscart you can have signups and billing done, were as phpcoin is just bascially storing client info.. no intergration with whm at all in phpcoin as far as I know

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    I think PHPCoin is good for new hosts. It's got some features like helpdesk. Also can change skin. you can also downlaod free skins from 7dana templates.
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    It's better to pick whoicart if the $35 is not too expensive for you.
    Definitely will help you a lot in billing and management as you grow <-- the most important in hosting business

    Btw, wrong forum
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    If your looking for a free script that will automate signups and handle your billing I would take a look at A free open source script.

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    I use phpcoin and like it all. I just use paypal for my billing and phpcoin does the rest

  7. #7 is great.... $35 is not very much.
    they have added alot of new features
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    WhoisCart is pretty good. Its kind of like they are buildling your web hosting program for you. You tell them what's wrong, they fix it and add additional features. For $35, you get lifetime updates, cheap and good :-p

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    Originally posted by centrahost
    If your looking for a free script that will automate signups and handle your billing I would take a look at A free open source script.
    I downloaded this nixt, but haven't yet had time to install.
    Do you recommend this for a small hosting company, where 80% of orders will be made by administrator and not the end-users ?

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    I think you will get more input in this forum.

    Thread moved.

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    WHOiS CART is the greatest and the best u can get for 35.00

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    Just be sure to check that your server has the right software for running whois.cart...

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    whoiscart is very good for just U$ 35,00 and have the basic features

    i recommend it

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