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    Another one wanting?

    I was just browsing this one website and came across this,

    Another guy wanting some attention I suppose, or is it that kids just need to learn ?

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    thats just dumb
    theres no point of that site
    hope ms gets this one...

    i could understand the guy with his name [mike rowe]
    but this is just a rip..

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    Yah I guess they just don't learn

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    what are you talking about?
    he is a talnted designer:

    I mean come on!
    of course its not a lame attempt to get money out of microsoft. nah.
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    Exceptional tutorials too. Way better than mine or others I've seen.

    The original was a lame attempt to get something out of Microsoft. This is a lame attempt to copy the lame attempt to get something out of Microsoft.
    Shawn Kerr

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    Yah, guess the kid is desperate for some cash

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