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    Anyone use Wild West Domains b4

    As simply stated in the title of the thread. I have looked into them a little as a reseller and was wondering if anyone has used them before. I have looked into enom and don't find them to suit my needs.
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    I have registered domains with them and they have been to how good they are when it comes to reselling I dont know. But I wouldn't go with them.....all Wild West resellers have the same websites....with know flexibility in how they can resell domains. I would go with DirectI for the following reasons:

    1. Cheaper prices
    2. FREE Intergratable API for use with your reseller site (WW charge $900 for one of these)
    3. They are more invisible so your customers think YOU are a registar
    4. For some reason I just don't think WWD cut it if you are serious about becoming a virtual regisrar.

    Just my $0.02 worth!

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    They're Great

    They're Great. You get your own website that you can add your logo and banner to.

    You also can select your own domain name pricing and select to give certain customers discounts. They do all of the cs for your domains. You can choose to resell webspace through them or arrange the site to do your own.

    They offer a lot of nice tools and almost all if not all of the services that other registrar's offer.

    Very user friendly site. I had enom before, enom is not bad, I just prefer wild west. I just renewed with Wild West this year in Jan. I like that I can call them 24/7 about any issues with my reseller account or clients.

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    I helped a client setup a WWD reseller site over a year ago, they ended up cancelling 7 months into it and went with enom's PDQ. He did not really have anything really negative to say about WWD but felt enom's system seemed better.
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