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    require reseller account in return for customers


    I hope I have posted this msg in the correct forum. I guess it will be moved appropriately if not.

    I have my own server but I keep it for my own websites and a few associates. I no longer wish to be in the hosting business.

    I regularly sell websites and of course these sites are already hosted since I need them on servers to build them.

    What I require is the following:

    1. A reseller account on cPanel that allows me to build sites until they are sold

    2. I require the basics such as cgi-bin, PHP, SQL

    3. I would have about 10-12 sites in constuction at any given time

    4. Bandwidth would be very small until such time as the customer takes over.

    5. The sites may be on the server without being sold for about 6-8 weeks, ALTHOUGH, my turnaround is usually quite less.

    6. In return for providing me a reseller account on a proper server (that is one with proper tech support and excellent uptime), I will pass on all cusotmers as the sites are sold.

    7. The customer will receive one month free from the time I transfer the site to him/her.

    8. The customer will know in advance the monthly fee of the hosting account and I will provide all the hosting details to him upon taking over the website. I do help the customers right in the beginning as part of buying the website. Since they already know me, they usually email me right away.

    9. I DO NOT wish any commissions in return............... As I stated earlier, this is just a means to an end.........I no longer wish to be in the hosting business as my core business is elsewhere.

    If anyone is able to provide these requirements, please either post here or PM me with details:
    a) your hosting website address
    b) how soon you can set me up
    c) the size of the reseller account
    d) any details you think I require

    Thank you.

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    Yes I encountered the same problem. Contact me if you have not yet found a proper host at [email protected], or by AIM: CPQIS Cory

    I am willing to offer you more than your asking.

    You can take a look at our website by clicking on the link in my signature. NOTE: We are changing quite a few things, including a new support system so there will be two under construction pages.


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    Oh......... I should have realized that. I am new to this forum and usually contribute to conversations when I start at a new forum. But this time, I needed help right away so I posted.

    Thank you for letting me know and I will get back to both of you.


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