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    Quality Professional Graphic Designer Wanted!

    We are looking for a quality graphic designer for many components of a message board software. Please note that this is a message board software (akin to vBulletin), and not just a message board. So, we would requireexclusive rights for all your works.

    We emphasize on quality, and that's what we want. Unless you can design images of the highest quality, please don't respond to our offer. We are willing to pay the price for top quality.

    At this moment, we are looking for the following:

    1) About 20-30 emoticons, with popular themes. Must be suitable to our default template's design.
    2) We need various versions of 2 basic images representing on (new) and off (old) posts:
    i) Closed forum/topic: Maybe with a lock on it.
    ii) Recently replied to by the users: Maybe a dot or arrow on it.
    iii) Polls
    iii) Announcements
    iv) Helpdesk
    v) Topics by 'buddies': Maybe a head and shoulder on it.
    3) User levels, or popularly known as "pips". Must be suitable to our default template's design.
    4) A + image for collapsing categories.
    5) A small 'reply' button, based on our large reply button.
    6) Smaller versions of our navigation icons, including the creation of some.
    7) A suitable watermark for text areas.

    Please note that we already have a basic design for our software. All we are looking for is enhancements. We will be looking for many such enhancements in the future. Therefore, if your initial work is of the highest order, you will be receiving a fair amount of business from our part.

    Please PM your offers (or request more information) or e-mail subhadip[at]domainmultitude[dot]com. We are willing to pay substantially. All we want is your service to be of the highest quality.


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    I am in no means affiliated with this site, but I recommend that you check them out. They have "graphic packs" you can purchase that include buttons and other stuff that you request.

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    Yes, but this is a whole new software.
    I don't think he can do that.

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    let me recommend I have used his services, his designs are very good & quality

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    I can do HIGH QUALITY design work and completely capable to fulfill your requirements… please have a look to my Portfolio: and let me know.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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