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    Smile Best CMS / Free or Cheap???

    I don't want an entire CMS site. I just want to place a few CMS moudules on my site for news and upcoming events. Any suggestions?


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    Wordpress is excellent : www . wordpress . org

    It's more of a blogging tool, but could easily converted to a news program. There is a free demo online. Check out the free demo at opensourcecms . com

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    we simply made our own. much easier than trying to customize other peoples...
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    that's true, it wouldn't be very expensive to hire a coder to do news and events script.

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    I have a client who is working on a Moduled CMS. This meaning, you choose and pay for the modules you buy. If you leave an email, I can let them get in touch with you.

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    I actually posted a project at rentacoder today. I would do it myself but thay is beyond my ability.

    Thanks for all the feedback!!

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    I have used a cms created by called page publisher and really like it. Here is a link to the site . It is Perl / CGI based and they encourage developers to brand the cms to your own benefit. You can place an editable area anywhere you choose. It utilizes a WYSIWYG interface for editing a section. You can limit what is available for them to edit. It is nice for letting a client edit areas of a site without worrying about altering the design or breaking a page. Not free but definitely worth the money.

    You may find something at if that does not seem to fit your needs. Good luck in your search and let us know if you find something you really like not mentioned here.


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    Mambo all the way. Real nice...and the Editor does true text copy-paste. Like everything about Mambo.

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