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    * Advertising for $.05/Click - Excellent Opp is offering advertising for several positions.

    Banner Area - 728 x 90 Leaderboard
    $.10 Click

    Standard Banner - 468x60
    $.05 Click

    Front Page Block add (custom size available)

    $.15 Click

    Button on footer of entire site

    $.05 Click

    All ads are based upon a $25.00 Deposit and will run unlimited ads until your account is spent.

    Animated ads are accepted - please limit to 16k and 3 cells only. No java or mixed media ads at this time. All groups are managed via phpadsnew.

    We have a high amount of good traffic. visitors are roughly 85% male according the current signups and a median age of 29. Most are technol-savvy and very interested in internet products as well as you can guess it - electronics, home theater and dvd products.

    Please PM me if your interested in advertising. We average anywhere from 2500-5k unique visitors daily.

    I'm not sure about alexa rating but last time i checked we were approaching 100k

    Google PR is 4 on the home page and several sub-pages. Site is beging migrated to split the forums off to fix PR leak because of multiple copies of index.php with parameters confusing googlebot

    Signup today and i'll double your deposit. - Hence doubling your visitors

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    I'm interested - can you post stats?

    EDIT: If you get so many uniques how come your forums are so empty? - Sure you have over 1000 members but just barely over 500 posts?
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    Here are some stats:

    Visit Summary

    Visits 12,764

    Average per Day 1,823

    Average Visit Length 00:17:08

    Median Visit Length 00:03:13

    International Visits 0.00%

    Visits of Unknown Origin 100.00%

    Visits from Your Country: United States (US) 0.00%

    Page Views:
    Average per Day 10,072

    Hit Summary

    Successful Hits for Entire Site 273,592

    Average Hits per Day 39,084

    Home Page Hits 19,737

    This is last weeks stats compiled. We grow an average of 50% each month in traffic. We advertise on many PPC engines and will be in 3 magazines publishing cycle as well as doing some press release announcements.

    Good opportunity for some very affordable advertising with a very good, working and cash spending crowd

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    Forums are empty because we restarted under invision and most of our visitors have been reading our content and doing reviews.

    Review system has hundreds of reviews, image gallery gets hit alot and our home theater builder, information and construction guides get tons of hits.

    The forum is just launching and shares membership with the review system hence you wlll see high member counts.

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    Ah, sounds very good - I will be getting in otuch w/ you ti discuss this further via PM.

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    Question Question?

    I want to know if I'm reading this wrong, you're asking for .05 per click not cpm. So your prices are $50/cpm? Am I reading this wrong?

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    Re: Question?

    Originally posted by c3r3br0
    I want to know if I'm reading this wrong, you're asking for .05 per click not cpm. So your prices are $50/cpm? Am I reading this wrong?

    $0.05 per click (CPC) not per banner view

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    Yes .05 per click. Basically if you buy the 5 cent per click ad ($25.00 deposit doubled to 50.00), you will get 1,000 clicks - and unlimited impressions until you get those clicks. - and then you can deposit more or try a different campaign.

    Each campaign gets to manage there own banners and have real time reporting.

    So basically your paying 2.5 cents to get a visitor, 1,000 of them and however many impressions it takes to get that many. So with a CTR of 1-2.5 percent your looking at 100k+ impressions

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