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    Question HELP needed from hosting experts. Reseller related.

    I've found a reseller plan that sells accounts in single big chunks, with 2000mb space / 20gb transfer / dedicated ip address / per account. You can resell this plan as one big package, and that seems to be how they recommend you do it, but my question is....

    1 - How would you take this plan and break it up into several smaller plans?

    2 - Since each purchased account comes with it's own dedicated ip address, even if you split the account up into 4 accounts, wouldn't you still be better off than many shared hosts that have dozens or more accounts using the same ip address?

    3 - Basically, what is involved with taking 2000mb space / 20gb transfer / dedicated ip address, and selling 4 packages to my customers of 500mb/5gb each?

    4 - Why would the company seem to not recommend breaking up the account into smaller accounts? They don't come right out and say you can't do it, but they seem to want you to sell the account as one big hosting plan. Why shouldn't I break it up into 4 or 5 smaller plans? Seems the logical thing to do.

    I really need advice here. If there is any other information you need to know, just tell me, and I will find out and post it.

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    You really need to provide the readers of your thread with more information. Like, what control panel is being used if any would be a great start.

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    Sorry, I thought I provided a good amount of info. Didn't realize the 'basics' of splitting up an account relied so much on which control panel was being used. I'm just looking for basic info about multiple accounts sharing the same ip address, etc.

    Well anyway, the control panel is the company's own creation, and only used by them, and their resellers. It's called 'monster controls' if that helps, which I doubt it will. It's not used by anyone except for their own customers.

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