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    Hello everyone I am the admin of - a site with Counter-Strike related content. The site Is fairly new (up since October 2003) and currently have 1703 Unique visitors, 2058 visits and 92288 hits for the month of february. I recently had an idea of organizing Clan Wars and attract a fair amount of clans and gamers to the site, but the problem is we can't currently afford any servers for this event. So I came here to look for some Gaming Servers Companies which would provide us 1-3 Counter strike servers, in exchange of their rotating ads on the servers it self and our site's forums, I know that for the moment our forums has not much posts, we had a mysql problem which we discovered only 2 weeks ago, and that's why the forum has not much posts. But I beleive if we have a chance to start our Clan Wars project we will attract a large amount of visitors on site and large amount of gamers on our servers.
    Note: if you don't like our offer please still contact us and let us hear what do you expect from us and we will reply within 24 hours

    You can Contact Us via PM or E-Mail [email protected]

    We are very interested in any offers and will reply within 24 hours
    Kirill Smirnov

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    I think your thoughts are understandable, however not feasible.

    Keep in mind you're asking a company to front $150-200 US per month in gaming space just for a banner on a site which has 32 active members.

    Best bet is probably to rent a smaller CS server personally and hope that it gains in popularity, thus you'll have a growing member base and ad worthy site.

    Good luck
    - Tim

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