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    Question Web site review


    I would like to hear comments concerning web site
    The problem is that I suggest my partner to redesign site. I think current layout do push away visitors, therefore decrease sales volume. But he do not agree with me.

    Thank all in advance.

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    I agree with you. It seems to be too baren a design to really make customers think you are serious.

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    I don't know... I think the website is "ok", but I don't think it would be pushing away people.

    The logo needs to be a bit bigger though.

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    It took a while to load.
    I think the site does scare away customers.
    It is too plain.
    I would not buy anything on a site like that, let alone something that is going to be ingested

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    I like the minimalist approach the site has.

    Many sites appear "baren" due to S.E.O. considerations.

    mafo0: What site would you consider serious?


    ilyash: at what site would you buy something you would ingest?

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    I very like strong sites like
    It looks serious and professinal.

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    Are you kidding? That bitdefender site is a bit too
    plain, SLOW loading, and seriously unpro. If they really cared about their business, they would properly maintain it!

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    Pat21, calm the heck down.

    And the site loaded for me instantly - since you are the genious in this area can you give us an example of what a professional site would be?

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    I think your site looks okay. Maybe add a little more colours and it would look way better. It looks a little plain right now.

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    The site was not loading right before dude!
    Looks ok now.

    I just surfed to the end and I'm desensitized,
    so I wouldn't be a good judge of sites right now!

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