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Thread: FuitadNet?

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    No, I didn't sneeze and accidently type that name, it's the actual host's company name.

    Has anyone used FuitadNet that has bad or good comments about them? Their prices are retardedly cheap, but I know that you get what you pay for, usually.

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    Actually the name got my attention too.
    I'm conflicted and a bit off topic but, the strange name could be a double edged sword. As for the service, I have don't know.

    Pierre has a nice suit on though.

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    Well, I am specifically looking for a host just for my forums. I use PHPbb 2 and have about 70 or so active members that post on a daily basis and my current host for the forums not only keeps crashing, but they apparently just screwed up my entire database to the point where I am going to have to do a full restore from a backup to return them to a functional status.

    Really, any host that can handle a semi-popular PHP driven forum that isn't so expensive that I have to sign over my first born child will do.

    I also need at least a 20 GB bandwidth limit

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    For that sort of bandwidth/pricing model I would sooner chance somewhere like
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    isnt there any hosting optimized specifically for forums?.. there are so many people looking for forums hosting here.. infact forums need a real good host...
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