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    Apache + Plesk Runs PHP Scripts As User

    On cpanel I had it setup so that PHP script would run as the users name....

    user1 would have their PHP sciprts run as user1
    user2 would have their PHP scripts run as user2
    user9 would have their PHP scripts run as user9

    when files were created and such they would be created as the user also...

    How would this be possible to setup with the PLESK system. The server is using apache 2.0.40


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    Well, that's an original username that is sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

    Plesk is a control panel for real admins. There are no easy whm scripts to update eveything, show processes and system health (even though some of those things are super cool). Plesk gives you no support too so it's up to us to fix their bugs on new releases rather than wait for patches etc. What I'm getting at is that with Plesk, the administration of your server is intense and hands on.

    To get PHP running as user, you will need to recompile php with phpsuexec.
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    Where would I download phpsuexec. I looked everywhere and the closest place I have found is:

    www . suphp . org / Home.html

    (the site won't allow me to post urls for some reason)

    Is there a better version opf phpsuexec that maybe my febel jesus mind can't find?

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