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    * True good hosting with iBizPanel ???

    Does any one knows if this really works .. the famous iBizPanel ???


    Im in shock, anyone have exp with this service ???

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    Client posts get wiped from the forum


    There a plenty of posts about the iBizPanel -- world's 1st true flat rate hosting model -- they just typically get wiped from the forum.

    Actual clients posting actual experience, which is 99% positive, gets wiped very quickly from web hosting talk. It may have something to do with the managed by rackspace hosting at the bottom left ( takes a lot of their cusotomers away). Never know though...

    Also, the iBizPanel was test marketed in Latin America (mainly Mexico) and has not had a formal roll-out in the U.S.

    Basically the shared hosting marketing is undergoing a massive consolidation and the only truly uniqe offers out there are 1and1's (retail hosting) and the iBizPanel (wholesale hosting). The rest of the models are the same old blah... blah.. blah...

    Seek innovation during this phase of consolidation... those will be survivors of the post-post-bubble.

    Happy hosting!

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