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    System Admins Needed

    Hi, i am currently looking for a system admin which can help me setup a server , we just need one server right now configured and we can give you free hosting for that one and then in the future when we need more which is soon we will pay you for them. Please IM me or Email me. We prefer a person not a company to do this as most companies want to charge high rates.

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    We'll be delighted to take care of all system administation and security issues for $75 / month. You'll be designated Red Hat Certified System Engineer who will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or to fix any problems that arise with your server.
    Please check out the details :

    Best regards


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    I can recommend serverwizard they set-up my servers quickly and efficiently, and did not charge the earth
    I have them now to manage all my servers
    Kev M

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    $50 a month will keep you secure and a deal with all server administration.

    BTW noc32 you ripped my security section off my site and i dont like that
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    can setup the server for you and take care of the security for $40

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    If I'm not mistaken, he's offering free hosting in exchange for the work, which may lead to paying positions in the future. I don't think he asked for dollar quotes.

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    Linux Tech Networks can help you with this. Depending on what you need setup and installed, rates start @ $30.

    <off topic>
    Who ripped who's website off doesn't matter in this thread. It's completely off topic. The insults are not needed or necessaryy, and only make you look unprofessiional. Please, try to stay on topic here.
    </off topic>
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    If there is anyone that actually meets my request that i asked at first please Email me because this thread isnt helping anymore since people are arguing about things that have nothing to do with my request. Thankyou

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    Thankyou very much, and if anyone else still wants to admin for me please email me , DO NOT POST HERE .

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