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    H-Sphere control panel questions


    H-Sphere seems to be the most expensive control panel. May I ask your opinion about this cp. Is it stable cp ? Thank you for your time.


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    Hi HA-Alex,

    H-Sphere is a stable control panel to administer webhosting tasks. If you feel it is expensive, then try Ensim or plesk .


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    Hi Brightadmin,

    Thank you for your suggestion. By the way, I don't mind to pay a large amount for a piece of software if it is really worth for. H-Sphere is a cp like cPanel or Ensim & Plesk and all of them have their pros/cons. Before investing in it, I would like to hear more from their users.


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    H-Sphere is extremely economical when you consider it is NOT just another control panel.

    Plesk, Ensim, Cpanel, etc. are just control panels.

    H-Sphere provides completed hosting automation.

    When you consider the return on investment for having everything automated, it is unbelieably cheap.

    We've been using H-Sphere for about 18 months now. H-Sphere is extremely stable, the support team extremely knowledgeable and prompt, and the community forum filled with beautiful people who share of their time and experience.

    Thank you.
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    opposite lock
    i guess i dont see how its so expensive. for smaller hosts its generally a bit cheaper. the idea of scalibility is very next-year. im on the edge of switching off cpanel for this system, im very excited wtih what ive seen so far.

    (though as an end user i did find it a bit frustrating and confusing, i think a better skin needs to be developed for those guys)
    jubba joo!

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    The new skin coming out for 2.4 can be found here:
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