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    After our old host's server got hacked my site was left swinging in the wind... With almost 1GB on our main site and 5 hosted accounts, there was a great deal to do when setting up at our new location.

    When browsing various providers, I got in touch with HostPointe from their various ads on hosting sites... Despite them being a new company and history being available, I was exceedingly impressed by the time that Danielle at tech support spent answering my questions before I signed up, for nearly an hour!

    She got me up and running with an account in 5 minutes, let me get most of my site set up and answered even more questions before I was even invoiced!

    The one problem I had moving things over had to do with the Invision Board we use, where it would not work properly due to changes in user name and location... Danielle referred the task to Chase and Russell, also in their tech department, who spent 3 days working to get everything working and as of this evening did exactly that!

    The pricing is quite fair, services are laid out very cearly, staff is responsive and knowledgable, even more importantly they are persistant in their work and very friendly.

    So, consider this a recommendation... They are new, but have behaved and performed like old pros.

    They have my gratitude,

    John Barresi

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    I am just blown away by the customer service and support of HostPointe. After jumping from host to host over the past few years, HostPointe is definetly head and shoulders above other web hosts. The hosting plans are very competitive, and the support team (special thanks to Chase!) is top-notch. I've been with HostPointe for about 2 months now, and it has been a really great experience.

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    Absolutely a ditto here!

    Since my last posting above, I can also vouch for the same incredible service and variety of the latest services... I carry over a gig of files in my web site, using several mySQL and PHP driven scripts, which is usually a recipe for ongoing work - yet has been nearly painless.

    A tremendous thanks to Chase, Danielle, and everyone at HostPointe!
    John Barresi
    Kitelife Magazine

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    I have been told to setup a website for years, but didn't know where to start, so I never pursued it. I used one of the "big names" I found and it was a disaster. I came across Hostpointe and they have been so paitent with me and explain everything I needed to do to have my own site AND STILL DO. Their customer service is 2nd to nobody I've been with.

    I have even decided to use their in-house design team to redo my site!

    I love Hostpointe!

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    HostPointe Gone???

    I was pretty satisfied with Hostpointe for the past 5 months, but now they have fallen off the face of the earth and none of my sites or theirs are working. I am loosing money and face and can't seem to get any answers. If anyone knows the status of the company, let me know... Right now I am looking for somewhere else to go since this is unacceptable...

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    I have received several emails from HOSTPOINTE explaining what is going on with one of their servers. I am not on the server that is having a problem, but I know that they have been sending out emails.

    Let me know your email & I'll send them to you if you haven't got them.

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    Amazing how well this works!!! Within minutes of my post I have received two emails from Hostpointe, they didn't have my offline email address readily avialable Now we just have to see how fast they can get things back up and running!!

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    I was with HostPointe for a few months. I too was attracted by Danielle's & Chase's help.

    However after my sites being down about 3-4 times in two months (one for over 36 hours) I had to leave.

    I have 30 clients and I cannot afford to keep giving my client's a month free.

    I think HostPointe is a good company and fully trustworthy (as they did credit back a month of hosting to me,) I just needed to go a little bigger - so I am on a VPS platform with another company.

    Again, they are very trustworthy and I enjoyed working with them as they were very helpful - I just need better uptime.

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