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    Talking Setting up Shoutstats?

    I've found this interesting program, Shoutstats. I'm having problems installing, maybe more on the configuring side. I've installed RRDTools and such, that all works. What I can't figure out is the servers themselves have listeners on them, Shoutstats doesn't see the listeners and records zero listeners. Maybe someone with more knowledge with this nifty tool would like to point me in the right direction?
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    Hi there - I have recently installed shoutstats on my server also and am getting exactly the same problem is you. I have tried various different configuration combinations both on my crontrab on shell etc. but I'm still getting no data plotted on my graphs. Are you still having this problem? If so, perhaps we could team up to try solve it. If you are no longer having it then could you tell me how you resolved this? My contact email is [email protected] . Thanks in advance, Tom (@ Skycast)

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    your probly find that will not work anymore with the latest kernels as that was out on 2002 and would have used pre libc6 files, Maybee worth a look on sourceforge to see if there are any new linux projects.

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    This has nothing to do with the Linux kernel nor with the libc. It's a script which depend on PHP (any version) and the rrdtools.

    btw the new home of Shoutstats has changed but I cant post it (< 5 posts)

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