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    Costs involved in hosting a live weekly event

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time here and I just came across the website.

    I'd like some advice on some approximate costs on hosting an 8 hour event from 8pm on a friday night thru till 4am on the Saturday (no porn involved).

    My idea is that I want to setup 3 wireless webcams connected to a PC which is uploading live streaming video and audio to a webspace - internet users are then viewing the live streams.

    I have absolutely no idea how many people will be viewing - but lets say if I can max out a whole T1 line across the 8 hours then I calculate that to be about 6Gb (I may be wrong) - given that I use 6Gb * 4 weeks = 24Gb a month, what sort of costs am I looking at as far as bandwidth consumption?

    Will the ISP's charge me for additional server or software configurations because I'll be using streaming media?



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    Check out Reasonable prices for the bandwidth you need.

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    I don't think dathorn is taking new customers at this time. Read the Terns of service or usage agreement of whatever host you do chose. As long as they dont say you are not allowed to stream media you are ok.

    Good luck with your search,

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