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    where can you warn people of scam artists operating here?

    Some jerk here took my money for a script and never responded to e-mails. I found him through WHT, and he is still active on the "offers" forums. I think people should know so they don't get ripped off like I did.

    where do I do that? In what forum?


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    You can report it to the Mod's here and you can post it in the forums to warn others of him. If he uses a certin email address you can post it so if he changes diffrent user names still same email (some times).

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    well you already did the first step. by posting here.

    now all you need to do is email the mods like dennis said and ask them what to do.

    they might tell you to go public with his name... I don't know. its between you guys now.

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