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    Good host for hosting many domains?

    I'm looking for a host that can allow me to host multiple domains (basically a host that has a plan that lets me host several domains; I'm also interested in hosts that give me custom plans that allow me to host several domains).

    What I mean is, I'm looking for an affordable package that lets me host several domains, but I don't need so much webspace and/or bandwidth since each domain will be small websites.

    Most hosts allow only 1 or 2 domains and give sufficient space/bandwidth, but I need a host that can allow maybe 5-10 domains and give me the same, 'sufficient' space/bandwidth.

    Any suggestions or offers?
    Gary King

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    You will probably be looking for a Reseller Package.

    Most of these provide Multiple domain hosting which you can divide the bandwidth and disk space up for the sites or just stick them all into one account

    You could look in the reseller forum on WHT and find out which hosts are most reliable and popular.

    Good Luck!!

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    No shared hosting plans?
    Gary King

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    Sure, you can find hosts that offer multiple domain packages that aren't specifically reseller packages. Most hosts have such plans under promotional areas etc.
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    67 can find what you are looking for at almost any host out there or here on the board.

    If you do not see a plan that is pretty close to what you are looking for budget and size wise, just email them @sales or @support on their site and ask if it is possible.

    You will get a reply.

    Good Luck

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    Go with if they are accepting new customers. Check the forums, he's the way to go.

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