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    * Any eBay PowerSellers Here? [One-of-a-Kind Utility]

    Hello, has recently created an access-driven customer database application for ebay sellers to maintain organization of their auctions and sales.

    eBay Sales Manger is extremely user-friendly and useful! It allows you to easily add, delete, edit customers and their orders. It enables every aspect of the order to be collected, including the auction id, payment amount, qty, and if they have left feedback or not along with other details. With eBay Sales Manager you have quick access to your Top 5 clients as well as the Top 10 orders - You are able to view how much revenue, expenses, and profit you have made with a click of a button!

    Some Features:
    User-friendly main menu (switchboard)
    Database containing customer information
    Database containing order information
    Add / Remove / Modify Customers
    Add / Remove / Modify Orders
    Search Customers & Orders
    View Top 5 Customers & Orders
    View customers who haven't paid
    View customers who haven't left feedback
    View items which you haven't shipped
    View total revenue from auctions
    View net profit excluding expenses

    You can get full details here!

    An affordable marketing agency,

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    Wow thats some very nice stuff you guys built

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