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    * Weird Rendering Problem in IE6


    I'm having a strange problem with my website in IE6. I have a couple lists that are composed of links, and they look torn up when I scroll the browser. My site has valid XHTML and CSS:

    www . spacerook . com (remove spaces)

    Here is an image showing what the problem looks like: .jpg (remove space)

    Notice some of the links in the right column are distorted. It doesn't just happen with certain links; if I scroll up and down, other links sometimes get distorted, too. Mozilla Firefox and Opera show the page perfectly.

    Anyone seen this before?

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    Yea, I've seen that before.

    Short answer: IE is stupid.

    Longer answer: Opera and mozilla render the page according to TRUE HTML standard coding. IE doesn't Check your code against an online HTML validator. Iron out the css bugs that any good browser irons out itself, and IE can't. Then it should display ok.


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    Well, the site is valid XHTML and CSS according to the W3's HTML and CSS validators.

    I really wish I could post a URL here without the system complaining to me

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    This is a known issue with IE, it's called the "IE scrolling bug" you can do a search for it. As fas as fixing it goes, I haven't found a sure fire way of fixing it. Maybe if you search you'll find an answer.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
    Common sense isn't so common.

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    Hmm. Doesn't seem to happen in my IE. looks fine. I'm running the latest release of IE with Service Pack 2 Beta on XP. Might have fixed it in the SP2 beta. Not sure.

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