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    Thumbs down Bluepay payment gateway


    I felt like posting a review of our negative experience with Bluepay that it may help others who tentatively consider business with them in the future. These are again our personal experience, and may definitely not reflect how they treat everyone. As a business owner however myself - I do try to treat everyone equally. If this was equal treatment, then the review will be this much more helpful.

    A client had inquired with Bluepay regarding our implementation of it into our system as a live processing module. No sooner had we received the client's implementation request, that Bluepay had sent my personal address box four emails regarding affiliation and product certification. Susan, the lady that had sent these unsolicited emails to me, seemingly was pushing very hard that our product obtain Bluepay certification.

    After a series of questions on my behalf, we decided to allot the formal technical polishings to the Bluepay module that belongs to our product that it may satisfy visual inspection - and I'd replied regarding the certification process etc.

    A half-dozen emails ensue where we agree to their terms, sign the necessary and fill out all forms in the original bombardment of emails. We're finally pushed to their tech support for the final certification steps where after three days wait we are told that we cannot be certified - almost "just because" - this in contrast to the assurance we'd received from our contact point, Susan, that certification would not be a problem.

    An email to Susan is sent - without reply. A few days wait and second email is sent - whose reply contains an invitation to call her manager - which I promptly do. Her manager, Doug I believe, tells me that this was all a misunderstanding, that the reluctancy stems from past experiences with non-US product developers (we're about a 10 hour drive north in Canada), and that their tech support directory, "Lance" would be in touch that afternoon.

    Lance never wrote, Susan hasn't responded to any of the half-dozen emails we'd sent subsequently. Seems they just wanted to make a quick affiliate and in my opinion, obtain a quick customer base increase were we to have added their banner in our client section.

    They seemed very nice of course, and were polite throughout - but with this level of follow-through, I strongly discourage soliciting their services. If they ignore our emails at this point, it could very well be yours that are ignored another day. What's strange is that they'd initiated all communications - not at all behavior that incites the type of trust you'd like to place in those outfits that will handle your transactions for you. Do they ignore everything they can't solve? Hence our opinion of an austrich-like company. Head in the sand to avoid what they start. What's the other saying, lots of initiative, no finitiative.

    As such our experience with Bluepay,
    Best Regards!
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