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    generating clients

    How were you guys able to generate clients? Obviously you used some sort of advertising, but where did you advertise and how effective was it?


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    Start locally...think Globally is a good rule of thumb. It is much easier to get clients locally than it is once you go global and are then competing with all the other hosting companies online.
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    It's not about advertising, it's about establishing a connection and making that connection a network.

    Build trust relationships; there are plenty of people you can mingle with here on WHT and WHT IRC who open a new web site every now and then.

    Everybody likes to mention start locally, but the truth boils down to, do they practice what they preach? Start where you want to target first.
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    Go local, like in weekly free local papers or a daily 50 cent paper. If you live in where there is little or no web hosting/ web designers around, you got a good chance of making it.

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    Generate clients?

    Is that even possible? Is that like a Star Trek replicator (=:=)

    Seriously, we utilize social networking. In the long run, it costs less than advertisements; and, it generally builds stronger, longer lasting relationships.

    Thank you.
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    Originally posted by dynamicnet
    Seriously, we utilize social networking. In the long run, it costs less than advertisements; and, it generally builds stronger, longer lasting relationships.
    I agree.

    Almost all our "big" clients were obtained through one-on-one discussion and meeting at networking events.

    Most of the "small" clients we have (that we accept) were referred from the larger clients. We do not do any online marketing at all.

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    You need a girlfriend to generate clients.

    Target your local market. Knock at every door.

    What's your budget? Advertising costs money.
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    Offer referral commissions or affiliates program
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    Originally posted by webvila
    You need a girlfriend to generate clients.
    Nice idea, but it might cost more money than advertising.

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    My plan is to make a web tutorial site that gets a few hundred thousand hits a month, then simply link to my hosting site and get customers that way.

    I have no idea if this will work, but I figure if I get enough people coming to my tutorial site, then some miniscule percentage *should* consider signing up with a host linked by my site.
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    Just be very good to the customers you have and more will follow. Great customer service is always the best key. I will drop whatever i am doing to help a customer with a problem. It seems to help..

    Also, you would be surprised how many friends you can turn into clients. I plant seeds and encourage my friends to open websites and of course i will host them

    I am however in my mid to late twenties and alot of my friends own businesses or are just curious about making money on the internet. I dont think this would work if someones friends are young and cant afford the monthy payments.

    Basically look around and find a lead and follow it.

    It is a very slow process but i have been told it gets better after you have been around and have made some good relationships.

    Hope this helps.

    OH yeah it also, is very costly if you plan on advertising on the internet. I recommend printing fliers and posting them at kmart, car washes, colleges or something. you will get about the same response and it wont cost you an arm and leg. IMHO<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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