Advanced Communications, the leading Windows hosting automation software provider, announced today the availability of next generation cutting edge voice enabled flash tutorials for its flagship Hosting Controller product.

Hosting Controller provides complete automation and puts you where you want to be: cultivating your business and profits, instead of cultivating headaches. It has many advanced features and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks.

"Customers don't like to read help manuals or Knowledgebase. They always find it boring and prefer to call you instead for even the basic questions like 'how do I setup email?'. This only increases your support calls and expense and there was no real solution for this dilemma", Says said Syed Nauman Hashmi, CEO of Advanced Communications. "Keeping this in view, we took the initiative of development of voice enabled flash tutorials which will guide the customer to actually watch and listen how the things are done, rather than reading the help manuals or searching the knowledgebase. These tutorials are cover day-to-day tasks and will easily illustrate your customers how to manage their hosting through their advance control panel".

These tutorials are available for view on the website and also in downloadable zip format. There is not extra cost for these tutorials, so you may right away download to reduce support costs and improve the company outlook!

For tutorial download, visit the Hosting Controller website.