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Thread: Citadelhost

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    Is anyone else having problems accessing the server "venus" on http, ftp, mail?

    This seems to be quite a habit.

    Reported at 15:30 GMT and has been happening for over 30 mins.
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    Our sites have been down on and off over the past few days, I'm a bit comcerned. Jon is usally pretty good at saying whats happening, I hope to get a reply to my ticket soon....
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    It came back up a while ago... Jon said it was related to the kernel upgrade from yesterday.
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    and since then guys, how has been your experience with citadel ?????
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    Its been great with CitadeHost for the past few months. The uptime was nearly 100%. The server was restarted a few times for applying some security patches only.
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    No need for two threads about the same issue. Closing this one.
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