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    What ever happened to Xgamer

    Its been like 8 months since that little bastard went missing and I still am looking for a way to contact them to get my server back. Anyone know?
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    Looks like they fell out of the face of the earth. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    From what I have read I wouldnt hold your breath.

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    There was a post not too long ago about his return as and for game hosting.

    I think he actually posted here on WHT around that time. Sources say he was in Florida somewhere...

    Noticing both of those domains have nothing on them I wouldn't be surprised if he ran off again.

    As anyone else will (and has) told you, don't hold your breath

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    i am pretty sure that I read he has ran off 2 times now.

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    seems like he found a winning formula.

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    What'd he take

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    I heard he was killed and they never found the body. It was a huge shame to *tends to his rose garden*

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