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    Exclamation Need a Coder! ASP, Good Pay $$$

    Hi. I am in need of an excellent ASP programmer to assist me with a website I am desiging for a client.

    Here is the client brief, and shows what a lot of work is involved here:

    Site Features:
    Member Registration with auto email notification
    Member Login
    Member profile
    Member edit profile
    Member pictures
    Member vote facility
    Bars/Pubs & Clubs Database
    Drinks Database
    Drinking Games Database
    Drinking Story Database
    Message other users
    Auto email alert when mails received
    Auto email alert when vote received
    Members can link themselves to the Bars/Pubs & Clubs that they go to

    ‘Premium’ Tools

    Home page - Member Search, Venue Search
    Bars/Pubs & Clubs - Venue Search
    Drinking - Search Drinks Facility / Submit Drinks
    Members: - Search member facility
    Advertise - Text
    Terms - Text
    Help - Text
    Contact - Text

    Home Page:
    Picture of people in Bar/Club with flash effects over
    Space for Banner Ad
    Member Login (With Obvious Register Link)
    5 Random User pictures with link to their profile, with usernames
    Search facility for Venues (Radio button choice between ‘Bars/Pubs’ or ‘Clubs’
    Search facility for Members
    2 Featured Venues
    News Section – Scrolling news box
    Room for text about the site
    Links to all pages (as above)

    Bars/Pubs Page:
    Search Bars/Pubs facility > results page > detail page
    Latest Offers – scrolling text in a box
    3 Featured Venues – picture and some text

    Search Drinks facility > results > details page (eg recipe)
    Search Drinking Games facility
    Search Drinking Stories facility
    Featured Drink
    Featured Game
    Featured Story
    Scrolling list of drinks with links to drink page
    Submit forms for Drinks / Games / Stories

    Member Login (If not logged in)
    Edit Profile-
    Edit Sign-up details
    Add/Edit more details
    View Profile
    Add/Edit images

    Members details:
    Select unique nickname & password
    Their name, email, gender, age, town/city, country
    About them details
    Confirm read Terms & receive newsletter tickboxes

    Extra Member Details:
    Marital status, interests, sexuality, perfect partner, ideal night out, favourite food
    Music, tv show, movies
    Choose venues to link to (up to 10)
    Show friends/buddies

    Premium Tools:
    Adult Pictures
    See who’s visited profile
    See Who’s voted
    Keyword Search
    Message alert when messages read
    Block users from sending you messages
    Ability to upload background picture for profile
    Html editor
    Ability to keep messages in inbox
    See who’s buddy list you are on

    What I am looking for here is quotes from people to do this work. I will doing all design elements of the website, but you will have to work closely with me and handle all backend coding yourself.

    Please do not post if you can't backup your claims with at least some proof of what you can/have done in the past.

    Benjamin Rhodes

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    hmm seems interesting... but i am working full time now... doubt I can have much time to assist you... Whats the time frame for this project?

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    Email They are doing incredible jobs like

    Charles Beliveau |
    Proven success since 2001!

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    Try posting this on we have some good asp coders on file there.<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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    I am interested of the project. I have done big sites like that, with members sections and tools, admin control panels, message boards, etc.

    Please, contact me if you are interested or want more details and proofs about my past work.

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