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    Our website was made by our designers. I would really like some feedback on what you think of it

    -Jere Rutter

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    Looks alright, everything is a little bland. I would suggest adding some pictures or things to make it stick out from other hosts.

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    can you be a little more specific please.


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    Blue seems a bit over done. Every other website seems to be shades of blue. And as ichris says, it's kind of boring. I find this muted blue especially so.

    I like your logo, nice design. Your slogan ("Amped - Webhosting Services") is a weak though. How about "Amped - Not Just Web Hosting" or "Amped - Rockin' Web Sites". Try for a phrase related to "amp".

    Overall, your web site is too wide. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a good reason, but you don't have enough text to justify the width. It's those uselessly huge buttons that is biasing your design to be so wide. I suggest you give some thought to changing them. Plus, what's the deal with the left side bar? Do you have plans for it?

    A side note, the third party logo images in your Reseller and Webhosting pages are broken.
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    Is the site finished? There are some broken image links and your order page still has some placeholders for a header and footer that shouldn't appear. I also hope you'll populate all boxes on the left side of the page.

    The cPanel login area seems a bit redundant since you have the link in the top right. When seeing them both I assumed the link in the upper right must be a cPanel demo, which it isn't.

    It isn't clear how customers order the standard design packages. You have contact info there, but only for custom packages.

    It would probably be helpful to have a Home link in the top nav bar or at least make the title a link. It's awkward hunting through the text links at the bottom of the page.

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    I think it's a nice design... BUT, I find everything to be too large. Users with smaller resolutions and monitors will have trouble navigating your website.

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    Ok, I fixed broken links. What else?

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    Use the same font in all area where you have written text.

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