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    anybody have a dedicated server on ? it seem that they have good prices but I saw Also that they are reseller of - I suppose this (look the controll pannel its the same of burst, and not only the control panel) But there are some difference. Burst sells dedicated servers with 10 IP adresses, interserver sell it with 40 IP adresses. also banwich is only 10GB on burst but on interserver it is 40GB. So if they sell burst servers how can they have all this add features for a lower cost that they pay to burst?
    Could be I'am Wrong..!? anybody has an idea?

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    I believe they use the same NOC as Burst, but I couldn't say whether they were a reseller for them or not. I have a feeling not. The NOC that they both use (regardless of if they are a reseller or not), sets up that CP, and thus you'll find it (or variations thereof), on a various hosts out there.

    I will say though, that many of the hosts at the NOC have modified their version of the CP, and if it *is* the exact same, then that might indicate that they resell for them. I suggest asking interserver. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Interserver does not resell with burst, but go directly with VDI.

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