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    * (partner) Established Webhosting Company Looking for Partner

    A friend of mine owns a web hosting company and wanted me to post this request for him.

    He is an established hosting company looking for another person who wants to work with him in hosting. He is a very reliable person and works hard to achieve compatibility with everyone.

    Anyways he is looking for these characteristics.

    *Christian, (A BIG plus but not required, specifically baptist)
    *Previous experience in web hosting (bringing clients, BIG +)
    *Must have 2-3 years in linux and server administration.
    *No coding or programming required (if php, big +)
    *At least $200 contributed first month. (the more the better)
    *works 4-6 hours a day
    *very enthusiastic and determined
    *organized regarding records, budgets, agreement documents, business plans, etc.

    If you meet these requirements or are interested, please pm me and we can discuss it further.

    I think my friend will really appreciate this. If you have any questions... pm me for my friend's contact.


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    One other requirement he mentioned is that you

    *must have another part time or side job
    *be 22 or older.(edit--not a must)

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    I meet the requirements, can you post some contact info please.

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