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    Dedicatednow intermittent network problems

    speed is even slower than DSL connection. Here is what I got from a tech.

    We have been having intermittent problems with our bandwidth provider and their backbone over the last few weeks that have been causing slow ping times and latency for some of our customers especially during the late-night (EST) hours. We regret any inconvenince this may cause. We are working with our provider on a solution, but since we don't have any control over their network, routing or carriers, we can't actively do anything but continue to make them aware of the problem until they reach a solution.
    I wonder if anyone has the same issue with them. By the way, my dedicated server with them is totally fine.



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    Thread moved.

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    Speed isnt that bad, getting 150kb max on 3mbit cable.

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    Also, we switched you from 10base-T/Half Duplex to 10base-T/Full Duplex; that may have been the problem. Please test the transfers now.
    problem solved.... Thanks to DN.


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