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    Lightbulb B12.ORG - i have a faint idea...

    hmmm, B12.ORG has been down for some time now, more than a few days.

    Their domain name is still operational but their servers are down.

    I have comprised a list of what i think may of happened:

    [1] ISP banned them for over bandwidth usage or something.
    [2] someone hacked the php mail() function
    [3] Someone spilled coffee of a server hosting B12.ORG
    [4] they went bust and sold with no warning
    [5] I farted and they went away - joke

    But seriously, 1-4 is what i think may of happened. personally i think 1 or 2. But does anyone know what REALLY happened, i have a site on their and i really want to know if my database damage or whatever is recoverable or not. Since i own a squad website, and i had a lot of information on there.

    Since the B12.ORG website is down too, then it suggests the ISP cut them off someway or form... Anyone know?

    Thanks in advance

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    ok well is backup, apparently someone used to DDOS attack another server....

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