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    Very informative.Thanks

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    I think GoDaddy accepts payments through paypal.

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    Go Daddy does accept payment via PayPal; however, Go Daddy only accept PayPal accounts that are backed by a Credit Card.

    Go Daddy does not accept the following:

    ∑ PayPal account only backed by check.
    ∑ PayPal account backed by a non-verified bank account.
    ∑ PayPal account backed by a VERIFIED bank account.
    ∑ PayPal account backed by PayPal version of funds on hand.

    PayPal will not let you select an account the does not meet our criteria. PayPal will prompt you for a credit card number if your PayPal account does not have one applied.

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    Hi there,
    Updates needed for "Registerfly" in there!

    CENSORSHIP?? They can't stop m

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    nice post

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    Brand new here- thanks for the note! Very helpful

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    database server

    Do we need a domain name for database database server? I making an android app and i need a database server...what should i do?

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