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    Very informative.Thanks

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    I think GoDaddy accepts payments through paypal.

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    Go Daddy does accept payment via PayPal; however, Go Daddy only accept PayPal accounts that are backed by a Credit Card.

    Go Daddy does not accept the following:

    PayPal account only backed by check.
    PayPal account backed by a non-verified bank account.
    PayPal account backed by a VERIFIED bank account.
    PayPal account backed by PayPal version of funds on hand.

    PayPal will not let you select an account the does not meet our criteria. PayPal will prompt you for a credit card number if your PayPal account does not have one applied.

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    Hi there,
    Updates needed for "Registerfly" in there!

    CENSORSHIP?? They can't stop m

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    nice post

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    Brand new here- thanks for the note! Very helpful

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    database server

    Do we need a domain name for database database server? I making an android app and i need a database server...what should i do?

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