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    Godaddy and Hostway does
    its already included on their services.

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    is here any way to contact the owner if the registration was used as private?

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    yes, emails should be automatically forwarded to domain owner. You just don't have access to their real email address.

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    The link to official registrars are dead?

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    Domain management

    I am quite confused about how this works and hopefully i think i have done my homework, my question will not be too embarrasing.

    First of all, i would like to manage my domains independently from the web hosting solution, is any official domain management resource? i moved from hosting A to hosting B and the first one had a superb domain management service while B does not.

    I want to renew the domains, change where they point (host service) and of course i want to be able to lock/unlock them.

    From my web service provider i have a nice setup and i am happy but that does not mean i will stay forever.

    Also i have come across quite a lot of specialized terminology please be nice to me and use plain language if possible.

    On the other side of the question, is there any software solution to administer those domains? officially? i am using at the moment RAGE Domainer and is great apart from the fact you can't modify the Name servers... it is mostly a help app rather than an administration app.

    thanks in advance for your time.

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    Very informative.Thanks

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    I think GoDaddy accepts payments through paypal.

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    Go Daddy does accept payment via PayPal; however, Go Daddy only accept PayPal accounts that are backed by a Credit Card.

    Go Daddy does not accept the following:

    PayPal account only backed by check.
    PayPal account backed by a non-verified bank account.
    PayPal account backed by a VERIFIED bank account.
    PayPal account backed by PayPal version of funds on hand.

    PayPal will not let you select an account the does not meet our criteria. PayPal will prompt you for a credit card number if your PayPal account does not have one applied.

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    Hi there,
    Updates needed for "Registerfly" in there!

    CENSORSHIP?? They can't stop m

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    nice post

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    Brand new here- thanks for the note! Very helpful

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    database server

    Do we need a domain name for database database server? I making an android app and i need a database server...what should i do?

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