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    can't access my sites what to do???

    it's been 2 days and i'm really worried because i'm using the site as hosting pictures for ebay and now all i see are red x, some of listing will end with no bids.....
    i also can't get to the hostings site so i don't know whats going on, last week or so they email me about their CP upgrade and since saturday 3 of my sites are down

    i post this in host down section and some said they can load the site no problem

    can my internet connection have problems?

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    Reply to the email or contact your host.

    I believe thedavid provided an email address.

    Have other people reported not being able to view your files? Were they working previously?

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    i already did before posting this thread, they said they already explained in their forum which i can not see....

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    Continue the dialogue in their email. Provide them with a trace route.

    If you're using XP:

    Start -> Run -> Type in "CMD"

    At the command prompt, type in "tracert" followed by your website, if you can't reach it.

    After that's done, right click, mark, and highlight and then right click again. It'll be in your clipboard.

    Provide that to your hosting company and, well, best of luck.

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    I looked in their forums and didn't see anything of note...

    So here's what you do.. Go to and enter in there. That'll drop you in from their internet connection, and you can look at whatever they've pointed you to.

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    thanks again for you help guys
    the problem is my cable internet connection....when using a earthlink dialup it loads fine
    now i have figure why i access from cable internet

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