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    SuperbServers SPECIAL DISCOUNT / FREE SETUP SERVERS - available from $89/m

    Just a brief post that we at SuperbServers, the only discount server provider backed by a reputable, over 8-years-in-business major hosting company (Superb Internet Corp. - and with a national coast-to-coast network with excellent direct super low latency 1-2 hop connectivity to virtually all the US & Canadian major ISPs/cable/DSL providers and most of large European and Asian networks (the superior backbone), have a number of special discount servers available at this time.

    You won't find a comparable service level of true 100% uptime, no packet loss, ultra low latency performance anywhere else. Our network is among the most stable and best protected against DDoS attacks - so if reliability and top performance is what you need, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone able to meet or beat our QoS.

    We not only offer a 100% uptime, no packet loss, super low latency SLA, we also fully live up to it.

    Set-up for all the special servers is $0 (FREE)!
    Monthly fees start at $79/m, but for currently available ones at $89/m.

    For further details and the current available special discount server models, please see:

    You can read more about the superior network at:

    And our standard servers and service is fully described at:

    Yours Truly,
    the Superb Servers team

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    Your offer looks good except that you dont have USD79 server anymore and your internal cpanel license is costly compared to SM and EV1. If you have server with cpanel Zat USD99 per month, there are lots of orders to you. We plan to move away from SM and EV1.

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    If you will order multiple servers (say 5+), then we can do some special pricing - just contact us at or 1-888-354-6128.

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