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    Custom Gaming Computer

    I have that one on ebay or I can custom make you one.

    Thanks for lookin,

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    How's that relate to web hosting in any way?

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    This is related offers and requests. Anything goes

    Whats the reserve?

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    I talked with SoftwareRevue and he said it was fine

    Reserve is $800.

    Thanks for your interests!

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    Good deal, I am interested. Do you use AIM? My screenname is addictivepcs

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    cool. let me bid $799

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    if your good at making the computers, you should probably consider in the future making a site were you can make computers and sell them from. Many people have done that now, by the way you might have some luck by posting that link at . there is a lot of these that like to buy gaming computers there.

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    Thanks for the link jkblaze I'm currently working on a site at the moment. Just been busy and haven't had much time to work on it.

    That would be cool DT lol.

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    Originally posted by DT-Spirit
    cool. let me bid $799
    You should probably place your bid inside ebay.
    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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    Re: Custom Gaming Computer

    I can build up a few bad boys like that from spare parts I have here lol
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    lol. Well once I get my site up, I'm gonna be using eBay as a sort of free advertising

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