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    I got the same email, but also got another that's very similar, this guy is even offering "fresh paypal accounts"

    Need to host child porn, illegal content, Spam advert site? Try www.******.net you
    will be able to host anything you desire.

    You can get fresh stolen dumps here:


    Credit cards with cvv2 information are available here:


    Our site will be usefull for the those who want to wash their money also (If you
    don't want to pay taxes or you need to buy something illegal like weapons or drugs).

    Fresh paypal accounts here:


    Only using our site you can get every detail of any US citizen including SSN number:


    Fresh eBay accounts for a low price available as well:


    You can order by phone: : +1-703-547-2000.

    Best regards,

    The first one came from somewhere in Russia, but that one came from a US comcast account, both sites hosted in Russia, damm scammers paradise ;\ but is that a US phone number?

    *** added by me not the board lol, i think the first line advertising a child porn host, is a joe job it's a host in Washington that's been around since 1999 i'm guessing they probally closed one of these guys accounts at somepoint.
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    hi could you PM the link to that host.. or something i will check witch sites are hosted on that server to se if there is any thing more illegale.. !!

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    I didnt see anything but a sex site when i went there

    What was it be4 anywayz??

    The Dude

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    I got this too. Just deleted it, I get tons of spam.

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    i JUST realized i got one too.. heh.. even though i ead the post over a few hours ago

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    Got it also, has to be a WHT user.

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    The number I received, leads to Washington. Area code limits it to: Spokane, Walla Walla, Yakima in Washington. Number is not found, though, so can be a cell phone or not a real number which is likely.

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    Hmm, I also got this e-mail. I remember it since it is one of the few to slip through my spam filter this week.

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