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    Lightbulb Want to run a successful phpBB forum? Get your mods installed free of charge!

    I'm happy to announce that we are now offering phpBB mod installations as an official part of the support service at

    What are phpBB mods?
    phpBB mods are code modifications to phpBB that give your forum extra features such as file uploads, chat boxes, and much more. If you can think of it then there's probably already a mod out there that does it. You can browse the majority of mods currently available at

    We've already helped many forums become extremely popular by adding extra features to their phpBB installations. If you want a busy forum then give yourself an edge over other competing forums by installing a mod. It works!

    How do we do it?
    We've been testing the free phpBB mod installation service with our existing client base to ensure that we can stand by our promises. The only limit we place is that we can only install two mods per week on any one account. This is just to prevent support from being overloaded and if we have the time we'll install as many we can for you in that week. All mod installations are completed within 24 hours of the request.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me personally at [email protected] or visit the website,

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    Is there any catch?

    What about phpnuke/phpBB mods?
    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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    There's no catch. We've been doing this with existing clients for some time now. We've calulated the times it takes to install mods and have found we're able to offer this as an offical part of the package.

    We only guarantee that we'll be able to install phpBB mods for phpBB forums but if someone wanted a phpnuke/phpBB mod installed (I'm assuming you're refering to the phpBB plugin for phpnuke) or anything else installed we'd still do it as an unoffical part of the support if possible.

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