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    IPs, Nameservers. Hostname

    I'm getting a VPS /w two IPs, how should I use them?

    IP1 -> NS1, Server IP, Main Hosting Site
    IP2 -> NS2, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting?

    When a mail goes out, how does the ip work? is it traced back differently for each location of the website, I want to avoid company mail being blacklisted because a custoemr site spammed...

    Any recommendations?

    What about host names, any recomemndations? or just NS1, NS2 or someting else,

    Thanks for the help!

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    for your dns servers' alias: ns1 and ns2 or dns1/dns2 are standard, but many people like to be innovative and have unique names, like and other such clever ones.

    You can take either route, I prefer creating a unique name to brand that people see in the WHOIS, rather than seeing the same old ones every time. It helps differentiate yourself.

    As for the hosting part of the question -- I think this should be moved to a more appropriate forum, possibly dedicated servers or the general webhosting area.
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